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Conscripted by the NFL Draft

Last month, the NFL is held it’s annual draft in Philadelphia.  The location, a stone’s throw from our neighborhood, was in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, home to

Spring’s On-Time Arrival

For those who reside where winter’s imprint includes bare trees and prolonged icebox conditions, spring’s arrival is typically met with a gleeful enthusiasm. No matter how well one has adapted

How Do You Know/They Know /You Love Them?

  It’s Valentine’s Day, a day when we express our love, appreciation, and gratitude to those who bring value to our lives.   So on this love day, here’s an inspirational

What can happen in 3 seconds?

What can happen in 3 seconds?  The difference between positive and negative, that’s all. At a recent conference held in Philadelphia, a panel devoted to the “Guest Experience” spoke to

Mandating Happiness?

Mandating happiness? “You have to want to be here”, was a quote recently attributed to a Trader Joe’s manager when discussing an employee’s performance review.  This quote came from an

Only almost-50%?

Connecting to only almost-50% may win elections, but in organizations? Feel what you may about the election results (and folks are certainly feeling many ways) there’s a powerful lesson to

Airports in presidential debates make you smile?

In last night’s presidential debates, Republican candidate Donald Trump made mention of United States airports, something I cannot recall happening in past presidential debates. He observed in comparison to other

The Reviews Remain Positive on Exceptionally Human…

Author Brian Shapiro explores exceptional communication in a distracted world By Nicole Contosta• Wed, Sep 14, 2016 To Brian Shapiro, “technology has presented many ways to supplement the medium of

The Stories They Will Tell

Like it or not, people are making up stories all the time. You make up stories. I make up stories. Everyone makes up stories. This isn’t a bad thing. It

The Critics Have Spoken

Our recently published book, Exceptionally Human, was reviewed by The Broad Street Review.  Here’s what they have to say, as it’s quite nice: In his book Exceptionally Human, Successful Communication

Ancient Thoughts for Modern Communication

This essay originally appeared in on May 18, 2016.  Click Here to view on the page. With all that technology has afforded us, until we are actually embedded


As part of Exceptionally Human’s debut, Shapiro Communications offers the Philadelphia region an “In City Book Tour” through the summer. Starting May 1 and running through Sept 1, author Brian

Communication and the D. C. Metro downfall

The Communication Disconnection is Avoidable! Recently, there’ve been several unflattering stories circulating regarding the D.C. Metro, from budget woes to significant safety concerns, from potential shutdowns to actual shutdowns. In

Emotionally Trustworthy?

Human communication is a marvelous wonder. Our ability to transmit what’s in our hearts and minds to each other is quite remarkable. But, as you know, that sharing and transmitting

When Things Go Right, Great; When They Don’t, Trust

When Things Go Right, Great; When They Don’t, Trust Recently, I traveled solo from Philadelphia to Salt Lake City and back. Unlike many travel experiences, this time I had the



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